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Top 10 antivirus and anti-malware for Android

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Today, viruses and malware are more dangerous than ever, and even if to pay attention somewhat solves the problem, people often ask for more. A good anti-virus will give you peace of mind, and you also protect against unexpected threats. With this list, we will unveil the 10 best antivirus applications for Android.


Norton Security and Antivirus for Android

Number 10 in our list is Norton Security Antivirus. Norton is a recognized brand for security and millions of people use it on their PC. This antivirus for Android is available in free version and paid version. The light version provides device protection, including virus scan on the SD card as well as on applications.

The free version only allows you to lock the smartphone via SMS in case if you lost. With a monthly subscription of $ 29.99, you will enjoy all the features. Unfortunately, most of these features are not included in the free version.

Norton Antivirus and Security for android


Hornet AntiVirus Free

In our list, we can say that the application Hornet AntiVirus is one of two applications 100% free in the sense that there is only one version. It includes several standard features including scan applications and storage areas against the threat of viruses and malware. It also has features that are unique to him such as the detection of applications including attack ads.

Its interface is easy to use even if it is not very aesthetic. Personally, we did not find any faults with this virus. It’s free and it works very well. Updates are regularly with new features. We would still like to see other features such as theft.

Hornet AntiVirus Free for Android



BitDefender Antivirus Free

The number 8 in our list BitDefender AntiVirus Free. As its name suggests, it is completely free. That this application and the others do not have is simplicity. It makes such a detailed control of your device to see if it is really secure. You can do this manually or turn the automatic function.

BitDefender is renowned for its ease of use. Indeed, it is not equipped with an arsenal like most antivirus. It simply checks your machine to secure it. If you need other features like anti-theft, you must offer you another anti-virus because BitDefender is only for those who want a product that scans for security and no more. Despite this, BitDefender remains a well-known antivirus on PC.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android


Zoner AntiVirus Free

Zoner is another free antivirus for Android. It is equipped with a larger set of features than most other free antivirus that are in this list. The standard protection against viruses and malware, anti-theft feature, and the ability to block calls from unknown numbers are waiting for you. Zoner even has a task manager. Its interface is simple and functions work very well. What more? Note that Zoner also declined for tablets.

Zoner AntiVirus Free


Avast Mobile Security and AntiVirus for Android

Next on the list is Avast. It is a well known and appreciated in the world of antivirus antivirus for PC. It is now available for mobile devices. It is quite impressive and it is equipped with several features. Antivirus and standard functions as well as one of the best anti-malware anti-theft systems are in the game.

Note that Avast offers more standard features. Thus, it has a network monitor function, filtering calls and SMS, and even a backup function. It is available in free and premium version. The free version offers a wonderful service, but the paid version is even better. For example, you get the support and backup with the free version. But if you pay for it, you’ll even get music, videos and applications.

Avast Mobile Security and AntiVirus for Android

FREE AVG AntiVirus Free for Android

AVG is one of the most popular PC antivirus. The mobile application is not so different from the AVG used by over 70 million users on PC. It comes with the standard features, but with a few extras that make this powerful antivirus better. In parallel with the standard antivirus and malware protection, you will have one more task manager, web security, a space that will help you manage your battery.

The lock using Google Maps is also part of the package. It includes all the basic features and even some that do not have other antivirus. It is thus an attractive option for mobile security.

FREE AVG AntiVirus Free for Android


Armor for Android

The next is one of the most quoted Android antivirus, but it is also one of the most expensive. In his first outing, Armor for Android sold for 1 euro in its infancy. Today, it costs about 23 euros. This does not prevent him from being a great application, but I can understand that it is still a bit too expensive for your taste. For 23.02 euros, so you will have unlimited lifetime support and unlike other antivirus offering you a license for only one or two years.

In terms of functionality, it has everything you need to secure your Android device. Armor for Android is a virus that has a database of more comprehensive malware for Android. Moreover, it has other functions such as memory booster. If so you can pay the bill, it is a good application to have on your device.

Armor for Android


Nod32 (Eset) Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android

The first in our top 3 is offering ESET Mobile Security and AntiVirus named for Android. Like other antivirus list, ESET is known for its antivirus for PC is called Nod32. It is available in a free version, but of course the paid version has more features. It has a pleasant interface.

In addition to the standard functions, it also allows you to access ESET Live Grid. This is a feature that provides updates on the latest malware threats and the locks. If you choose the paid version, you will have more unique features such as SIM Guard which offers you the ability to control your phone even if it is a different SIM card is installed on it.

Nod32 (Eset) Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android


TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security for Android 

Number two on our list is TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security for Android is the most free antivirus side of the list. It is 100% free with no payment option. Besides being free, it has also won several awards for the protection and security it offers. Apart from the standard features, you’ll also available for other functions such as theft or data backup. The anti-theft for Android includes an option that takes a picture of the thief if he enters a wrong password three times. The picture will then be sent by e-mail.

TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security for Android


Dr.Web Anti-virus Light

Here applying the most traded in the world of antivirus on Android. It is called Dr Web Antivirus is available in free and paid version. The free version offers basic options antivirus and anti-malware for Android. It is especially designed for those who have fairly simple Android devices, with minimum requirements, limited data plans and devices with notifications of the battery.

The paid version includes an anti-theft and anti-spyware for Android. Also, if you want full protection, you must pay. Its interface is easy to use and those who have tried it seem to like it because the comments are quite complimentary to him.

Dr.Web Anti-virus Light



This list is one of the most competitive we’ve ever published. Each of these anti-virus for Android has its own targets. Whether you need full protection or something more simple, one of the anti-virus will respond to your needs.

In short, the choice is simply a matter of opinion and taste. If you are looking for a product that does not consume a lot of resources, you can use BitDefender. If you want a 100% protection without having to pay, lean on anti-virus as TrustGo or Mobile Security. Now the choice is yours.



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