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If you put your feet for the first time without the tablet market, while the affordable Nexus 7 might be a better option (or even a Mini iPad).However, for those who want a stylus, the Galaxy Note 8 could be just what you expected.


S-Pen stylus, high resolution screen, expandable memory, features of note-taking


High compared to the price competition, building materials not really upscale


The Samsung Galaxy range is so linked to the mobile platform Google that consumers are struggling to differentiate an Android smartphone and a Samsung smartphone, and simply request a combined Galaxy.

This is a good thing for the Korean manufacturer, but this is not the case for users that when they ask for a “Galaxy” aircraft are again faced with a multitude of choices. Samsung has not made things easier by adding the Galaxy Note 8 to its arsenal.

Those who are already accustomed to the range Note Samsung already know the tabphones and Note 2, but the family also has some lesser-known members of which the most recent is the Galaxy Note 8.0.

With a price of around 400 €, is that this tablet is competent enough to compete with the more affordable iPad Mini? Read on to find out …


If you’ve seen one of the devices mentioned above Note or the Galaxy S3 or S4, you will recognize immediately the design elements.

Note the 8.0, as the name suggests, features a 8-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels, carefully wrapped in a white plastic frame immaculate.

The influence of Galaxy devices is clear here that, apart from some slightly rounded corners and the lack of a rear curved front, the 8.0 rating is much like a big Galaxy Note 2.

Unfortunately, Samsung has chosen the same glossy polycarbonate for this latest tablet and even if it is strong enough, we can not help thinking that all of the recent Galaxy range could benefit from a much more upscale hardware design .

That said, the 8.0 rating deserves congratulations because of the shiny metal bezel that frames the outline of the device, even if the continuity is broken in the lower left corner of the S-Pen stylus which is again made from plastic.

Moreover, the generally minimalist style is punctuated only by the front camera on top of the screen while in the bottom of the screen is located along Home button back button and menu keys.

Although this configuration is in harmony with the rest of the Galaxy devices the Korean company, we can not help thinking that the days of touch keys are counted – Apple may persist despite everything in this direction, and we all know the success of iDevices.

Samsung has managed to incorporate other physical controls on the right side of Note 8.0, namely the power and volume rocker button, and an infrared port. With the obvious exception of the infrared LED, they are the same color as the silver bezel around the screen, so why Samsung could not plug the S-Pen that color also? The left side houses only a microSD slot.

The bottom edge of the unit houses two slots hardly noticeable speakers in addition microUSB port, while at the opposite end is the audio jack of 3.5 mm.

At the rear, the Samsung Galaxy Note has a 8.0 similar to that observed in the Galaxy S4 rear panel. The back cover of this equipment is constructed from a delicate shiny plastic but here it is a little less fragile, perhaps because the back cover is not removable like on the Galaxy S3.

Overall, the Galaxy Note 8.0 is a well-made tablet and if you do not care about the lack of high-quality materials that make the iPad Mini so chic, then the Note 8.0 may be your choice.


When it comes to prove that this tablet can be a serious competitor to the iPad Mini, as 8 inches is an advantage because it has more of a resolution of 1280×800 pixels – higher than 1024×786 pixels of the iPad Mini.

Of course, as a device Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology is present and while some say that this type of screen makes provides a slightly bluish tint, there is really not much difference with the performance offered by iPad Mini.

As with the rest of the Galaxy range, either tablet or smartphone, visuals have no problem – widgets and application icons are crisp and clear and display video content, either via YouTube or through videos that you captured using the 8 megapixel camera, have good color reproduction.

People tend to criticize the viewing angles on the shelves, and although the 8.0 rating is generally bright, the screen is perfectly usable in most situations and will not be affected by glare.


Given that Samsung is the heavyweight Android market, it is quite surprising that the latest version of the Google mobile platform is not present. For the uninitiated, this latest version is Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 – the 8.0 rating in turn runs on Android 4.1.2.

All the features of Google, like Google Now, Gmail, Google+, Maps, and everything else are included, plus third-party applications available on Google Play Store. It would just be nice to see the latest update on this Android device.

The Samsung TouchWiz UX interface is superimposed on Android, and apart from a few nice touches like the preset menus and graphic elements, there is really no big hcose to say about it.

The Samsung Hub holds its usual place, and gathers all your games and music which means you do not have to look that stores some of your files.

Its main objective is the extra that Samsung has integrated to allow the use of the stylus software elements, which, if we’re honest, is perhaps the only reason it is interesting to choose the rating 8.0 rather than an iPad Mini, Nexus 7, or a member of the Galaxy Tab range.


As mentioned above, you will find the S-Pen stylus Samsung carefully hidden under Note 8.0, and when you have activated, you will discover a whole world of functionality.

The extra dimension it adds will not be overwhelming, but once become familiar with, you can put to use to annotate web pages, scribble notes using the application-S etc. Note.

There is also the Paper Artist application appeared on the Note 2 and the latest Galaxy Tabs and will probably satisfy those who like to put pencil marks on the photos, for example.

S-Note extends the functionality of the device for writing notes and the ability to scribble screenshots, maps, Web pages and pretty much anything else. Import these items is quite simple. You also have a feature of handwriting recognition.

Also in connection with the S-Pen feature, you will find the Air View feature that allows stored in specific tabs or windows to be viewed with a simple overview of the file contents.

When this feature debuted on the Note 2, we were initially a little skeptical about the practicality, but after playing with it in more detail later on Galaxy devices we have seen interest.

Have you ever cooked and followed the recipe on your sartphone, just scroll down the page with full finger food

As with other Galaxy devices with a stylus, the gesture commands are supported which means that you can create and assign some doodles certain functions. For example, you can scribble a word or drawing, which will be used to open your mail.

This feature is particularly useful if you do not use the S-Pen for other things, but when you sere used, it will save you time.

Another interesting feature is the Pop-Up Play which allows you to continue to watch a video while searching in another area of ​​the phone without having to take a break. If you receive an email while watching a movie, for example, simply activate Pop-Up Play and you can continue to watch in a small window and write your response.

Multitasking prowess continues with the possibility of having two applications open simultaneously. Again, this is particularly useful for emails as this will allow you to click a link in an e-mail and the page opens while continuing to read the email.


The notion of an infrared LED on a phone or tablet is a bit retro for many, but it seems to come up to date especially since HTC has integrated its flagship smartphone the HTC One. Not one to miss out on the latest technological trend, Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S4 of this technology and did the same on the Note 8.0 to take advantage of the Samsung TV Application WatchON.

This feature has never appeared before on devices Note. Just as the excellent HTC TV on HTC One, WatchON works with most TVs, whatever the make and model and once established, it allows the user to control the TV via tablet .

Contrary to offer HTC however, WatchOn Samsung is somewhat capricious and although a large number of television is supported, it is not easy to make it work.

However, other elements WatchOn are very useful: the recommendations based on your history, change channels without worry, and additional information on what you are looking at hand.


The Galaxy Note 8 has impressive specifications and within its superb chassis, you’ll find a quad-core Exynos processor clocked at 1.6 GHz, supported by 2GB of RAM. This, aided by Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 provides a pleasant and responsive user experience.

As we also see in this review, multitasking works without any problem and even when subjected to the test with such a graphically demanding game, there will be no jerks.

This is the same for streaming video at 720p and 1080p for web browsing. SunSpider score was assessed at 8.0 1387.8ms, which is the same level as the Galaxy S4 and slightly better than the iPad Mini.

With Note 8.0, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to browsers as Chrome and Samsung’s own browser is included as standard.There is no Flash support on both browsers.

Samsung should be commended for this tablet with a 5-megapixel camera and a secondary 1.3 megapixel camera is more than enough for Skype.

Video footage can be captured in 720 from the back lens and general photographic capabilities are fairly easy to implement. It produces sharp images with a decent color saturation under normal conditions.The low light performance could be better because the photos are a little blurry and poorly defined. This is not an end in itself insofar as shelves are not used as a real camera.

Note the 8.0 has a 1.6GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor, which means that this tablet is fast. We’ve already covered the results of benchmark test and you will be pleased to learn that the AnTuTu evaluated to 14046. I told you it was quick.

The battery life is often a problem with mobile devices regardless of the class, but the tablets Wi-Fi generally fare better since they are not used for calling.

Note the 8.0 is available in 3G and Wi-Fi version, but we can not give our opinion on the Wi-Fi version of And in terms of endurance and duration of use, we had a fairly standard experience.

In everyday use – surfing the web, a few games, a Skype call, and 30 minutes of watching TV shows, and the battery level has dropped by half.

So in summary, you get a range of about 2 days. If you submit the Note 8.0 has a more intense gaming session, then it necessarily have an impact on performance.


We believe that Samsung has come to the conclusion that this tablet is mostly used at home and this has equipped the 8.0 rating of all it took to be a complete entertainment device. It therefore included 802.11g and 802.11n connectivity. Bluetooth 4.0. and GPS are also supported.

For those who like to use their tablet as a hub of content, and let’s face it who would not, DLNA and MHL are integrated to allow the Note 8.0 to be connected to an HDTV and thus take advantage of reading pleiment 1080p.

The video player supports MP4 files, Xvid, H.264, DivX and WMV while MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, AC3 and FLAC are supported for music. The built-in speakers are not the best on the market but the audio jack of 3.5 mm means you can connect external devices if you wish.


Samsung clearly knows whereof he speaks when it comes to Android devices and it shows here again. Its screen is impressive and multimedia capabilities make it an attractive prospect for those who want the untiliser 8.0 as a central point in the house.

While the plastic feel and brilliant whiteness might scare some, as its price is slightly higher than the iPad Mini, the extended functionality offered by the S-Pen stylus should minimize these effects. If you want the first time to buy a tablet, most affordable Nexus 7 might be a better option. For those who want a stylus, however, the Galaxy Note 8 might be what you dreamed.


LENGTH 210.8mm
WIDTH 135.9mm
SCREEN SIZE 8 inches
LAUNCHING April 2013

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