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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: equivalent performance to the Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: equivalent performance to the Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have been seen this week in the AnTuTu benchmark.With a score of almost 28,000 points, the future flagship of Samsung, waited for the IFA 2013 in Berlin, also although the Galaxy S4. And this confirms the rumors that it would be powered by a 5 Exynos Quad.

As always, AnTuTu scores are not to be taken as such information, but a basis for comparison to determine the performance of a new platform or prototype under development. That’s why we remain alert to new published scores on this test bed specialist Android and why we continue to warn you against the interpretation of this figure. This week appeared two new scores relayed by GSMInsider.The first concerns a Samsung model, the GT-N7200, which experts attribute to the nomenclature Korean Galaxy Note 3. The second seems to be the Mi-3, likely successor Xiaomi Mi- 2S (smartphone that we introduced a few weeks ago).

The GT-N7200 reached AnTuTu score of 27,914 points, a score comparable to the Galaxy S4 version of its Exynos (which obtained between 28 000 and 31 000 points). The benchmark indicates that the mobile runs on Android 4.3 and the chipset used is 1.6GHz.Recall that the Exynos Quad 5 Galaxy S4 is 1.6GHz. If these are only speculations, it is not illogical to expect to see the famous platform in its next flagship Samsung whose announcement is expected by the end of summer.

The score obtained by the mobile identified as the MI-3 is incomparable to anything we’ve seen so far: about 80 000 points. A high score if it seems almost unlikely. The Clover Trail + Intel installed in the Lenovo K900 exceeded “only” 36 000 points, while the Snapdragon 600 reach scores between 20,000 and 25,000 points.What type of processor could offer such a gulf between the two? We do not see any, although Snapdragon 800 seems the most likely solution now. That’s why we ask you to take these scores with a grain of salt. We expect to learn a little more about this Mi-3 before gauging …

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