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Nokia EOS and the RX-108 – Full Specification & Review – Test

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Nokia EOS and the RX-108 – Full Specification & Review – Test

MWC2013 the official opening of the end of the first day, the count before the opening day of the Huawei conference, this two-day release of the new models is really a lot, but compared to the major conference before the start of the new phone rumors, how many people a bit disappointed. Not to force is not to say that the release of a new mobile phone, just too tempting because of the legendary God Machine.

Lumia 1020: presentation and handling

Nokia EOS and the RX-108

  Speaking of those legendary new phone or new products, we have to talk about the Nokia EOS mobile phones and the first tablet RX-108, as well as Huawei released eight-core CPU.

Nokia EOS and the RX-108

  Earlier period of from Nokia Russia’s official video for the expectations of Nokia’s new models, including the video repeatedly mentioned PureView “Lumia” and “Microsoft” and other words, seems to imply that this equipped 41 million pixel camera and Windows Phone 8 system Lumia new machine, but will also be a new flagship models.

Nokia Lumia 925: technical specifications, photos and videos!


  The same time the advertisers running log a named NOKIA RM-860 models, followed by Nokia will shut down the aircraft in the Nokia firmware download Navifirm QA (quality assurance) server connection. Analysts believe Nokia on this new machine very seriously, they do not want the message is revealing too much of the RM-860.



  The the foreign mobile advertising company executives AdDuplex Alan Mendelevich had said via Twitter, a mysterious device called “RX-108″ anytime soon appear on Nokia’s official web logs, this device running Microsoft Windos 8 operating system.

Nokia EOS and the RX-108 Nokia Tablets Concept Price in UAE

  Previously, Nokia had launched the idea of ​​the own-brand tablet PC, but due to the uncertainty of the market, so Nokia Tablet PC products repeatedly delayed. Until some time ago, Nokia at a conference, intentionally or unintentionally shed a Tablet PC PPT careful media said this, it is likely to be Nokia’s most important launch of Tablet PC products.

  Unfortunately, over all good wishes can not appear in this MWC2013 for Nokia fans, perhaps still looking forward to the the Nokia next conference, maybe it will be Nokia’s annual general meeting.

Huawei brand new the Hass eight core CPU

  The United States last month at CES, Samsung is the first to release the world’s first eight-core CPU at the same time, there are also rumors that Huawei will release a new the Hass series processor, similar to Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa Huawei’s eight nuclear will also A7 + A15 architecture eight-core CPU (ARM an official plan program), and Huawei is also very likely also released the terminal phone products equipped with the CPU.

  Since Huawei released its own quad-core processor, Huawei impressive, more important is to expect a lot more degrees. But this eight-core processor last dashed believe is bound to cause a lot of disappointment, but the eight-core processor technology for mobile field too early, take a look at the PC field is still in the era of quad-core processors, the development of the mobile phone too come too much, there are still a lot of problems in terms of stability, power and software compatible. More important is that the blind and hardware, mobile phones will eventually be a dead end.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

  Yes, Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy S IV does not appear MWC2013 on the 14th of next month, there will be the release of New York, more of our attention is drawn to the latest reports.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom:Photos, technical specifications and videos!




  In the past two years, many mobile phone manufacturers are not in the the MWC exhibition period the development of a new mobile phone, but to advance or delay the release, many new phone is to avoid “immersion”. And some degree of completion of product development is not high, some of the new technology is not yet mature issues also affect the release of new products. In this regard, we can only best intentions, I hope better at the next conference appeared.

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