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Bouygues BS471: a good smartphone at a low price and big screen

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Bouygues BS471: a good smartphone at a low price and big screen

The new smartphone from Bouygues is the entry level, with a very slim body and a 4.7-inch IPS screen diagonal. It offers good value for money, but no identity or value.

the promise

Android smartphones entry level break on the market. Devices now powerful enough to handle all kinds of activities (except advanced video games), and put the most emphasis on price. The BS471 Bouygues is a good example. We tested.


The new smartphone from Bouygues is the prototype of the mobile medium in all areas. A thin, lightweight device, well finished but very impersonal, until his stamp “BS471″, which does not speak to many people. Note that this model can extend its small storage capacity (2.3 GB) per memory card, but not change the battery. Its Android system, slightly retouched, does not offer the ease of use overlays Samsung, LG and HTC, but it responds well and without plant, which is already an asset in the field of entry level smartphones . The 4.7-inch screen device offers good image quality, and its brightness is high enough to ensure a bright sunlight (477 cd / m², contrast ratio of 1014:1).

A good value for money

Not too bad photo, already less good at video, BS471 satisfy undemanding users and beginners, without the emotion experienced. The device already has the advantage of providing a relatively smooth interface in its price range, and a pleasure to use virtual keyboard. Its range is the image of the rest: pretty good for a device less than 230 euros, but well below that of the best smartphones on the market: 9 am to 30 voice, 7 hours on 3G Internet surfing and a little over 6 hours of video playback.

the verdict

The BS471 is a good entry-level smartphone, but is sorely lacking in charm honed for users to Android. It offers above all a nice large screen and a substantial fine, but its benefits are very commonplace in all areas. Anyway, for the price, hard to beat at the moment, except for the Acer Liquid E 2 Duo and the Nokia Lumia 620 .

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